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NF6476V6 is a 4U ultra-capacity, high-density JBOD product. When the storage capacity of computing nodes is bottlenecked, scale-up can be implemented with JBOD storage based on the existing nodes to quickly build a cost-effective storage solutio n at a lower cost of IT inf rastructure construction. The product is suitable for the applications such as warm and cold data storage,cloud storage, video storage, HPC,backup and archiving.

Key Features
  • Large Storage Capacity

    Designed with an innovative solution, the product features both a compact size and ultra-high capacity and density. In a 4U chassis with a depth of just 800 mm (fitting into a 1m depth cabinet), it can accommodate 60 3.5" drives to deliver an aggregate storage capacity of up to 1080 TB (18 TB per drive).

  • Decoupled from Platform

    1. Decoupled from the computing platform, it can be used across multiple platforms, reducing the costs for testing hardware in new platforms.

    2. With data stored to the JBOD storage, computing nodes can focus their resources on computing to unleash the ultimate performance.

  • Flexible Storage Architecture

    Storage architecture can be adjusted exibly on demand, with one JBOD chassis shared between multiple hosts, or one or more chassis used for a single host.

  • Minimal Maintenance

    All drive bays have rails inside them with a cable drag chain design, and support hot-swap drives. The modular design eliminates the hassle of removing components from the cabinet during maintenance.

Technical Specifications




Form Factor

4U Rack-Mounted JBOD Chassis


1. Accommodates up to 60 3.5" SAS3.0/SATA 3.0 hot-swap HDDs and features screw-free drive trays

2. Used for a single host to support 60 3.5" HDDs (a single or dual expander cards), or shared by two hosts to support 30 3.5" HDDs for each (a single expander card)

3. Allows external cascading expander combination for scaling up storage capacity

I/O Port

Supports 8 external HD miniSAS connectors (4 primary ones to be connected to the host, and 4 secondary ones for JBOD cascading)

I/O expansion slot cabling   openings

Both front and rear cable access openings are available


Hot-swappable fans (N+1 redundancy)

Power Supply

Hot-swappable platinum PSUs (1+1 redundancy)

System Management

1. Integrated with a separate 1000 Mbps NIC for remote IPMI management

2. Supports BMC and SES management and powering on/o drives separately

Operating System

Microsoft Windows Server 2016/2019, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12, Red   Hat Enterprise 7,CentOS 7, Ubuntu, etc.

Chassis Dimension

447mm(17.6   inches) x 174mm(6.9 inches) x 800mm(31.5 inches) (without mount ears)


89kg (196.2 lbs) Refer to the Technical White Paper



5°C-35°C. 41°F-95°F Refer to the Technical White Paper


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