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Industrial IoT(IIoT) Solution
Home Industrial IoT(IIoT) Solution
Scenario Analysis

With the diversification of manufacturing needs, traditional production and manufacturing models can no longer meet current user needs. Enterprise informatization cannot meet the requirements of realizing the comprehensive interconnection of people, machines and systems. Through the comprehensive connection, processing and analysis of human, machine, system and other information, IIoT can meet the challenges faced by enterprises, help enterprises make informed decisions, allocate optimal resources, and innovate business models.


The current situation of enterprise customers in terms of IIoT is as follows:

Enterprises urgently need a complete system to collect and analyze on-site information such as enterprise operation information, equipment status, defect inspection, and production conditions. Enterprises need this system to realize the comprehensive collection, analysis and processing and analysis of enterprise data and solve the problems of production processes.


The platform consists of data acquisition layer, edge computing layer, edge cloud layer, and application layer:

lThe data acquisition layer consists of sensors in the factory, connected by industrial switches and firewalls. It aggregates data into the edge computing layer.

lThe edge computing layer deploys edge producets such as servers EIS200 or EIS800 as needed. It is responsible for real-time processing and analysis of data.

lThe edge cloud consists of a flexible and compact NE5260M5 servers and InCloud Rail HCI appliance. A cloud-edge collaborative data analysis platform is deployed to manage factory equipment to meet the computing needs of factories without dedicated equipment rooms or limited server space.

lThe application layer supports dozens of mainstream industrial software applications to support functions such as key equipment monitoring, production efficiency analysis, and minutes machine statistics, enabling the informatization and intelligence of production management.

Application Scenario

IIoT solutions are widely used in auto parts, engineering machinery, metallurgical mining, equipment manufacturing, glass, chemical, food, medicine, new energy, steel and other industries. He can help the industry realize intelligent equipment operation and maintenance, production process optimization, and intelligent environmental control.


IIoT solutions integrate powerful edge computing servers. Using "cloud-edge-end" technology architecture, the solution can interconnect, aggregate, analyze and process data to solve problems in the production process, realize lean production, efficient management and sharing of data, and build an integrated IIoT platform.

Programme Value
  • Quick deployment

    The software and hardware are integrated and delivered in a whole cabinet. Customers can quickly launch and apply services by simply powering on the equipment on site.

  • Data sharing

    The solution breaks data silos, integrates the data of the whole factory, and maximizes the value of data.

  • Simple and easy to use

    It provides low-code development tools and enables flexible development of visualized configuration applications.

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