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The HF18000G5-I is a high-end enterprise-level all-flash storage system for both NAS and SAN applications. With a new NVMe architecture and all-flash optimization algorithm, it satisfies data storage, disaster recovery, active-active solutions, backup and other needs of various applications such as large-/medium-sized OLTP/OLAP databases, virtualization, and file sharing.

Key Features
Leading performance and scalability

With NVMe architecture and intelligent all-flash optimization algorithm and powerful elastic scalability, it provides enterprises with ultra-high-performance storage services.

Outstanding service continuity protection

Active-active architecture and fully redundant key components,

Supports highly reliable data protection solutions such as remote replication (FC and IP), active-active, and three data centers in two cities.

Reliability of up to 99.99999%, ensuring uninterrupted operation of services.

Intelligent O&M

InView centrally manages all IEIT storage resources to implement system status monitoring, periodic intensive snapshot protection and easy deployment of disaster recovery solutions.

The heterogeneous virtualization function supports centralized management of other external storage resources.

InView and heterogeneous virtualization realize centralized management of internal and external storage resources, greatly simplifying the O&M process and reducing TCO.

Perfect cloud interconnection capability

Supports intelligent cloud tiering,

Interconnection between public, hybrid, and private clouds,

Provides functions such as cloud cache, cloud disaster recovery, and cloud backup,

Ensures data security, and accelerating the cloud business of enterprises.

Technical Specifications




2-48, active-active mode

Control Cabinet

4U drive-controller separation

Max. System Cache

72 TB

Supported Storage Protocol


Front Port

16/32 Gbps FC port and 1/10/25/40/100 Gbps Ethernet port



Max. Number of Drives


Max. Number of System I/O Slots

24 to 576

Rear Port

PCIe 3.0, SAS 3.0

Extension Cabinet


Power Supply

1+1 redundancy

Fan Module

N+1 redundancy

RAID Level

RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60; InRAID 5, 6

Improved Resource Efficiency

InMigration, InCompression,

InDedupe, InTune



InTier, InMulti-tenant,

and InView

Data Protection Software

InSnapShot, InClone,

InBackup, InVdiskMirror,

InRemoteCopy, InMetro,

InCloudTier, InEncryption,

and InErase

Key Service Assurance




Virtualization Feature

Heterogeneous virtualization: Supports over 95% of models, achieving unified management

RAID virtualization: Block-level virtualization technology, system balancing, without any data storage drive

Virtualization system support: Supports mainstream virtualization technologies, including intelligent perception plug-ins,

such as VAAI, VVOL, VASA, and vCenter integration