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Initiate Personalized Server Customization
with Digital Intelligence Technology
Provide Customers
with Tailored Intelligent Computing Offerings

IEIT SYSTEMS not only empowers digital transformation but also witnesses this change. Since the transformation of cloud computing, IEIT SYSTEMS has introduced IT technologies such as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and edge computing to remodel all business processes from R&D, supply, and manufacturing to customer service, as well as create a JDM business model, initiating the mass and personalized customization of servers and leapfrogging ahead with its market share of servers among the top two and installed storage capacity among the top three globally.

  • R&D efficiency improved by 225%↑

    · Agile R&D ·

    Decoupled product development can be achieved with a “platform + modules" R&D strategy. R&D agility is increasing as a result of the digitalization of R&D collaboration, self-innovation of intelligent tools, and digital prototype applications. The R&D cycle for new products has been reduced from 18 months to 8 months.

  • Global cloud factories

    · Intelligent manufacturing ·

    · Order switching and quality control are simple tasks during product customization and personalization using intelligent manufacturing.

    · The "Cloud Factory" management platform manages 14 global factories, ensuring global consistency in standards, processes, and quality.

  • Delivery within 7 days

    · Agile delivery ·

    The agile and flexible supply chain system, with full-process digitalization and decision-making automation, is linked to other global partners' supply chain systems, allowing for advanced intelligent capabilities such as supply risk detection and early warning. With more than 95% of the services customized, customers' orders are processed and responded to within 24 hours, with delivery times ranging from 5 to 7 days.

  • Intelligent fault prediction

    · Intelligent services ·

    · A new model of active, online, intelligent services for customers is integrated with advanced features such as intelligent diagnosis and fault prediction to "speed up the troubleshooting" and even "prevent failure".

    · Yuanxiaofu, a customer service robot based on the Yuan Large Language Model, can solve more than 80% of common problems while taking 65% less per capita time.

Enabling Mass and Personalized Customization

IEIT SYSTEMS has continuously transformed digital intelligence technology into productivity, enabling the server industry to transition from large-scale standardization to mass personalization and customization.