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meta brain® Edge Computing Servers
Flexible and reliable edge computing power brings AI closer to us

IEIT provides reliable, flexible, and extreme environment-adapted edge computing facilities to provide edge computing solutions for users in smart manufacturing, smart transport, smart energy, communication, finance, and other fields. In addition, IEIT maintains good cooperation with partners in various industries to jointly promote the development of the edge market.

  • Flexible computing power and diverse products

    Provide flexible and scalable edge computing power, meeting the needs of different business development stages. Provide diverse products, including edge micro data centers, edge servers, portable AI servers, and edge microservers, offering strong edge computing power in different application scenarios.

  • Edge computing, breaking environmental limitations

    Support working environments with a wide temperature range from -40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F) and feature water-proof, dust-proof, lightning-proof, and corrosion-resistant design, to ensure reliable and stable operation in the harsh outdoor environment and keep your business operating stably.

  • Wide ecological capability and customized services

    Based on products and ecological advantages, IEIT provides customized services for users in various industries. Through market segmentation, the needs of each user can be fully meet based on different requirements and scenarios.

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