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Water is the basis for all life on Earth and is essential to the survival and development of human civilization. From quenching thirst and providing nourishment to supporting transportation and agriculture, water is integral to virtually every part of human existence.


Hainan, the southernmost province of China, is located on the northern boundary of a tropic zone with abundant rainfall and numerous rivers. However, despite the high precipitation, this region still struggles with water shortages. Hainan has low water storage, uneven resource distribution, and inconsistent water abundance and depletion year-to-year. IEIT builts the "Hainan Smart Water Network", ushering in a new era of water knowledge, control, usage, and management.


The deep integration of technology with the water industry is driving the development of a smart water industry, enabling more accurate information, better decision-making, and more convenient services, creating a happier and more sustainable environment in Hainan.

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Deep technology integration within the water industry
  • The construction of intelligent sensing system to keep track of everything
  • More reliable decision-making with one central map to manage every source
  • Construction of an intelligent sensing system to monitor information