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Remote product testing
Rich remote testing resources
  • Complete infrastructure

    Complete space, power, network and security resources are provided to ensure the safety and reliability of remote testing resources in an all-round manner.

  • Professional technical support

    A professional technical support team is formed to answer technical questions at any time and provide testing assurance.

  • “One-stop” service

    “One-stop” service is available; as long as you file an application, the Customer Test Center support team will provide test support services, such as environment preparation, technical support, etc.

  • Diverse range of products

    Integrated testing of multiple products and joint validation of solutions help you fully understand the characteristics of products.

Application Process for Service of Remote Testing
  • Book now
  • Communicate requirements
  • Prepare the environment
  • Self-service experience/online demonstration/test report
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How long can the testing environment be used

    Test cycle of the Customer Test Center is 7 days.

  • How do I get a testing environment?

    Test applicant should initiate an application to the Customer Test Center, and after the application is approved, the support staff from the Customer Test Center will set up the testing environment.

  • What services can the Customer Testing Center provide?

    Remote product testing, joint development of solutions, validation of solutions for platform integration.

Remote Test Request
General Purpose Server
  • NF5280M6
  • NF5180M6
  • NF5270M6
  • HF5000G5
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