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Smart Retail Solution
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Scenario Analysis

Due to the rapid growing of e-commerce, more consumers prefer online shopping campared to offline shopping, which has changed the fierce competition of traditional retail. While the price gap between online and offline products narrows, rent, labor and logistics costs remain high, traditional retail have to take great effort to optimize cost and improve the consumer service.


New technologies such as edge computing and IoT turns out to be a good way to help stores and markets keeps competitive. They empowers smart retail solutions which could create consumption heat maps, perceive product sales, analyze and predict sales, provide decision support for retail store marketing, sales and product layout, and improve store service quality and profitability.

Solution deployment:

lAnalyze customer heat map using edge servers and other equipment. By comparing structured data, they can find out the goods that customers are interested in, monitor the layout effect, and sort out the most attractive goods based on the duration of the customer heat.

lPresent acquired data through reports in multiple dimensions.

lManage commodities and optimize commodity displays according to customer purchase intention.

Application Scenario

This solution can be widely used in chain convenience stores, gas station stores, discount stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, and non-chain stores to help operators optimize commodity planning, improve marketing and sales performance.

Programme Value
  • Remote store patrol

    It can reduce supervision expenses by 80% and improve offline operations.

  • Optimize your product display

    It can present the heat distribution diagram and analysis of customers' consumption in stores. Therefore, it can optimize the display of products and improve the marketing model.

  • Increasing profitability

    It can optimize asset allocation and increase profitability.

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