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The NF5270M6 is a mid-end 2U 2-socket server designed for the Internet, small and medium-sized enterprises, and cloud computing.

Key Features
  • Superior Design and Powerful Performance

    NF5270M6 is powered by the third-generation Intel® Xeon® scalable processors. A single CPU may have up to 38 cores, 76 threads, and three 11.2GT/s UPI links, with a maximum of TDP of 270W and base frequency of 4.3 GHz, unleashing the ultimate potential of the server to handle any workload.

    The server can accommodate 16 DDR4 ECC RDIMMs (3200 MT/s) to offer an aggregate capacity of 4 TB.

    It also supports eight 512 GB 3200 MT/s Optane® PMem memory modules.

    The server adopts an all-flash array accommodating up to 12 hot-swappable NVMe SSDs, which deliver an IOPS ten times higher than that of high-end enterprise-grade SATA SSDs.

  • Flexible Configuration and Simple Architecture

    Up to 25 2.5" SAS/SATA drives (front) and four 2.5" SAS/SATA drives (rear) are supported. The number of NVMe drives is increased to 12.

    An optional OCP 3.0 module offers multiple options (1/10/25/100 G).

    Up to 5 PCIe 4.0 expansion slots (4 × PCIe x16 + 1 × PCIe x8) are available to improve the I/O performance.

  • Secure, Reliable, and User-Friendly

    The mainboard and backplane come with overcurrent and overvoltage protection. The onboard connectors and cables are designed to be fool-proof to avoid potential circuit safety risks.

    A panel latch and top cover latch are added to the chassis to prevent unauthorized operations.

    All I/O ports are clearly defined without any interface reserved for undefined purposes. An access control mechanism is in place for the ports for maintenance to prevent malicious operations by unauthorized personnel.

    All image files are signed with secure encryption algorithms before release, and signature verification is required before the firmware update. All of these ensure the integrity and legitimacy of the firmware.

    The ISBMC4 intelligent management system provides security features such as identification and authentication, authorization and access control, Web security configuration, and log audit, with its security reinforcement capability leading the industry.

    An optional TPM2.0/TCM encryption module is supported to guarantee data security and secure server boot.

Technical Specifications




Form   Factor

2U rack server


1   or 2 Intel® Xeon® Ice Lake scalable processors:

Up   to 38 cores per processor (with a frequency of 3.1 GHz)

Max.   frequency 4.3 GHz (4 cores)

3   UPI links (up to 11.2 GT/s per link)

Max.   TDP 270 W


Intel C621A


Up to 16 3200 MT/s DDR4   DIMMs

8 DIMMs per CPU

16 DIMMs for two CPUs

RDIMMs supported with a   total capacity of up to 4 TB (64 GB per memory module)

Optane® PMem memory   modules (up to 512 GB per memory module)


Front Panel

24 × 2.5" hot-swap SATA/SAS/NVME   (A maximum of 12 NVMe SSDs)

21 × 2.5" hot-swap SATA/SAS + 4 ×   hot-swap SATA/SAS/NVMe SSD;

12 × 2.5" hot-swap SATA/SAS SSD

12 × 3.5" hot-swap SATA/SAS/NVMe   SSD

Rear Panel

4 × 2.5" hot-swap SATA/SAS/NVMe   SSD

Rear Storage

2 optional SATA M.2 SSDs or 2 optional   E1.S modules

Storage Controller

SATA controller on the   mainboard to support RAID Level 0/1/5/10.

NVMe controller interface   on the mainboard with optional Intel NVMe RAID key


An optional   OCP 3.0 module and dual-port 1G onboard NIC

I/O Expansion Slots

Up to 5 standard PCIe   cards and 1 Raid Mezz card


Front: 1 × USB 2.0 port, 1 × USB 3.0   port, 1 × VGA port, and 1 × UID button with LED

Rear: 2 × USB 3.0 port, 1 × VGA port,   1 × 1 G management interface, and 1 × UID button with LED


4 × hot-swap 8056 fan (N+1 redundancy)


2 × 550 W/800 W/1300 W Platinum PSU   (1+1 redundancy)

System Management

Onboard BMC module that   supports IPMI, SOL, KVM Over IP, and virtual media and provides a 1 Gb/s RJ45   management interface

Operating   System

Windows Server, Red Hat, SUSE, etc.


478.8 mm (w) × 87 mm (h) ×   811.7 mm (d)


Less than 38 kg in full configuration.   For more information, please see NF5270M6 White Paper.

Operating Temperature


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