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The AS5500G5 middle-end fused active storage system is a unified storage system designed for medium- and large-sized enterprises and provides both SAN and NAS services. With the storage operating system, rich software functions, and industry-leading hardware platforms specially designed for cloud computing and big data environments, it adequately meets the data storage and disaster recovery requirements of OLTP/OLAP, virtualization, file sharing and other applications of large and medium-sized databases. In terms of performance, functions, reliability and ease of use, it has reached a high level in the industry. 

Key Features
Leading hardware architecture

With the multi-core high-performance, the hardware platform has been fully upgraded, with the 8-controller IOPS up to 3.3 million IOPS.

In addition, it supports 32 GB interface cards, easily meeting the service requirements for high bandwidth and low latency.

It supports online horizontal expansion and TB cache, with up to 16 controllers.

Excellent service continuity protection

The intelligent RAID technology enables data blocks and hot spare blocks to be distributed among all member drives of the RAID array. This reduces the RAID failure risk in case of a drive failure, thus enhancing the system's reliability.

Supports the industry-leading active-active storage architecture to ensure load balancing among controllers.

Intelligent O&M

The intelligent management software InView supports unified management of all IEIT storage resources.

InView builds a cross-platform disaster recovery solution with timing snapshot and multicopy replication, leading to enhanced data security.

Diversified software functions

It supports SSD L2 cache to meet the performance requirements of different services.

Unique cloud tiering technology provides unique hybrid cloud storage capabilities to effectively protect customer data security.

Technical Specifications




2 to 16

Controller Cabinet

2U12, 2U25 , 3U48

System Front I/O Slot

6 to 48

Front Port

16/32 Gbps FC port, 1/10/40/100Gbps Ethernet port

Supported Storage Protocol


System Cache

256 GB to 4 TB

Drive Type


Drive Quantity

1,600 to 12,800

Rear Port

SAS 3.0, 4 × 12 Gbps port

Extension Cabinet

2U12, 2U25, 3U48, 5U92

RAID Level

0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60, InRAID 5, 6

Improved Resource Efficiency

Intelligent streamlining, intelligent virtualization RAID, intelligent data migration, intelligent online compression, intelligent tiering, intelligent volume switching, intelligent heterogeneous virtualization, intelligent file service, intelligent online deduplication, intelligent multi-tenant

Data Protection Software

Intelligent snapshot, intelligent cloning, intelligent volume backup, intelligent volume mirroring, intelligent remote replication, intelligent active-active solution, intelligent cloud tiering, intelligent encryption, intelligent data destruction

Key Service Assurance

Intelligent service assurance, intelligent cache acceleration, intelligent auto cache partition

Virtualization Features

Heterogeneous virtualization: Supports over 95% of models, achieving unified management, and RAID virtualization: Block-level virtualization technology, system balance, without any data storage disk

Virtualization system: Supports mainstream virtualization technologies, including intelligent perception plug-ins, such as VAAI, VVOL, VASA, and vCenter integration