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The i24M6 is a high-density multi-node server featuring high performance, reliability, and intelligence in a standard 2U rack  to cater for heavy computing applications while conserving rack space, energy consumption, and deployment costs. As an optimal solution for reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of cloud computing data centers, this 2U4N server is designed for distributed or hyper-converged infrastructure such as high-performance computing (HPC), cloud resource pool, and big data  analysis and aimed at large- and medium-sized enterprises in vertical industries like fifinance and transportation.

Key Features
  • High Density, High Performance, and Optimized Infrastructure

    1. Allows 4 dual-socket server nodes in a 2U rack. 

    2. 4 times the computing density of the 2U rack server, improving utilization of  equipment rooms signifificantly. 

    3. Modularizes the server nodes to accelerate deployment and facilitate node replacement and upgrade,  reducing equipment room deployment time by 50% or more. 

    4. Provides NUMA I/O balancing design to balance computing and storage  resources within the system and optimize overall performance of various services and applications.

  • Stable, Reliable, and Intelligent

    1. Shares redundancy power supplies and fans among server  nodes to ensure system stability, and supports power capping to  improve performance and save energy based on effiffifficient power  supply control. 

    2. Supports security-enhanced TPM/TCM chips to  protect data and information system security. 

    3. Provides the CMC  module to manage status of power supplies and fans in various  nodes, and allows you to check the confifiguration and status of  each node by cooperating with the BMC module.

  • Ultimate Performance, and Agile Configuration

    1. With 24 All-Flash NVMe drives, boosts the storage I/O speed by 10 times and offffers a higher data cache rate and lower service delay. 

    2. Supports multi-confifiguration DCPMMs, realizing  nonvolatile data storage while increasing the memory capacity.  Provides two built-in M.2 drives, allowing for software and  hardware RAID confifiguration. 

    3. Supports up to 3 PCIe 4.0 x16  slots in a single node, including 1 hot-swap OCP 3.0 NIC,  diversifying network interface options and delivering flflexible  network specififications for applications.

Technical Specifications
SpecificationsFour 2-socket computing nodes in a 2U rack
ProcessorTwo Third Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors
Three UPI links, with a rate of up to 11.2 GT/s per link
Up to 270 W TDP ( in specific circumstance)
ChipsetIntel C627A/C621A
MemoryUp to 16 DDR4 DIMMs of 3200 MHz per node
8 DIMMs per CPU and 16 DIMMs for two CPUs
Storage controllerRAID controller and SAS controller
Onboard PCH supporting 6 × SATA ports (2 × Slimline x4)
Onboard NVMe controller with optional Intel NVME RAID Key
NIC1 OCP 3.0 NIC and 2 standard PCIe 4.0 NICs per node
OCP NIC: supports 10 Gb/25 Gb/100 Gb
Standard PCIe NIC: 1 Gb/10 Gb/25 Gb/40 Gb Ethernet, 56 Gb/100 Gb InfiniBand, and 16 Gb FC
I/O expansion slot2 PCIe 3.0 x16 slots per node
Port1 SUV port (which can be expanded into 2 USB 3.0 ports, 1 VGA port, and 2 serial ports) per node
1 IPMI port
Fan80 mm N+1 redundancy fans for system cooling in the middle of the chassis
PSUTwo 2000 W PSUs (Platinum)
System managementBMC + CMC, supporting IPMI, KVM over IP, and virtual media
Operating systemWindows Server, Red Hat, SUSE, Citrix, Oracle, Neokylin, ESXi, and Ubuntu
StorageUp to 3 front 3.5" drives per nodeUp to 6 front 2.5" drives per node
Up to 2 built-in M.2 SSDs per nodeUp to 2 built-in M.2 SSDs per node
Up to 12 front 3.5" drives or 2.5" drives per serverUp to 24 front 2.5" drives per server
Dimensions3.5" drive chassis: 446 mm (w) × 87.5 mm (h) × 845 mm (d) (17.56 × 3.44 × 33.27 in)2.5" drive chassis: 446 mm (w) × 87.5 mm (h) × 805 mm (d) (17.56 × 3.44 × 33.27 in)
Packing box: 721 mm (w) x 279 mm (h) xPacking box: 721 mm (w) x 279 mm (h) x
1168 mm (d) (28.39 × 10.98 × 45.98 in)1168 mm (d) (28.39 × 10.98 × 45.98 in)
WeightNet weight of 3.5" drive chassis in fullNet weight of 2.5" drive chassis in full
configuration: 42.9 kg (94.58 lbs)configuration: 40.5 kg (94.58 lbs)
Gross weight of 3.5" drive chassis in fullGross weight of 3.5" drive chassis in full      configuration: 55.4 kg (131.40 lbs) (Gross     weight includes: chassis + packing box + rails   + accessory box)
configuration: 59.6 kg (131.40 lbs)
(Gross weight includes: chassis +
packing box + rails + accessory box)
Operating temperature5°C ‒ 35°C (41°F - 95°C)
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