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Smart Campus Storage Solution
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Scenario Analysis

With the application of technologies in smart campuses, an increasing number of campus service applications are deployed on a cloud platform. The cloud platform requires high-performance, high-reliability and cloud-connected storage devices that feature high scalability and intelligent O&M capabilities to meet customer needs for large-scale deployment and centralized management. Traditional silo information systems cannot meet the above needs. Cloud computing data centers are in great need of a storage solution that combine performance, reliability, cloud, scaling, and management.

Urgent need for efficient storage devices

Storage devices with higher performance are necessary for the construction of smart campus cloud platforms to realize efficient access to and agile implementation of each service system, and provide intelligent and customized services for campus service systems

Urgent need for highly reliable systems

To reduce the cost of traditional silo storage solutions, a highly reliable storage solution must be available to reduce the construction and operation costs of multi-storage systems.

Urgent need for the construction of a multi-center disaster recovery system

Select two or more campuses to set up a disaster recovery data center to provide high-level security protection for customer service data and improve the service continuity.


The solution uses all-flash storage to support the construction of intelligent campus cloud platforms in colleges and universities, and uses an FC network to provide sufficient storage support for virtual platforms and critical service applications for such aspects as performance, capacity, reliability, and scalability. It meets diverse demands of service applications for storage resources, and protects user investments by utilizing and integrating customers’ existing resources and storing these resources as a backup. As most universities and colleges have more than one campus, the active-active storage solution is deployed between multiple campuses to improve the service continuity. If there are two campuses, one serves as the center and the other serves as the backup. In this way, the solution can flexibly cope with data center failure by switching from the faulty system to the properly operating one to improve the service continuity.


Application Scenario

The solution applies to construction of university/college-level and school-level cloud platforms to provide safe, reliable and efficient storage capacity support for smart campuses.

Programme Value
  • Ultra-high storage performance

    HF18000G5-I serves as the core of this solution with performance of up to 23 million IOPS, ranking first in 2021 SPC-1 benchmark.

  • Excellent service continuity protection

    With simple networking, the solution does not need any additional gateways to achieve an RPO of zero and an RTO of near zero. System reliability reaches 99.9999%, ensuring uninterrupted operation of services 24/7.

  • Perfect cloud interconnection capability

    The solution supports connection between public, hybrid and private clouds, effectively ensuring data security, and accelerating the cloudization process of the clients.

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