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ORS6000S is an ODCC3.0-based server that provides high resource utilization and helps reduce the TCO of data centers.

Key Features
  • Open Compute Architecture and High-density Deployment

    1. Based on the ODCC3.0, ORS6000S supports a flexible combination of different nodes such as compute and balanced nodes. A single cabinet can accommodate a maximum of 32 x dual-socket nodes.

    2. Compared with conventional rackmount servers, its compute density is increased by 100%. Also, it is compatible with standard rackmount switches and integrates network, compute, storage and other functions in a single cabinet, which further allows flexible configuration for various applications.

  • Centralized Power Supply and Energy-saving

    Use busbar and powershelf to centralize the power supply to the whole rack instead of the decentralized power supply of traditional racks. The centralized power supply is designed with N+N redundancy to meet the demand of multi-node power supply while balancing the load output of the whole rack. The power supply operates at the optimal efficiency point of 50% load and has an operating peak efficiency of approximately 94%.

  • Level 11 Delivery, Efficient Deployment, Operations and Maintenance

    1. Servers and switches are integrated into the rack at the factory.

    2. Level 11 rack-level delivery greatly reduces the time for installation and deployment and increases the deployment efficiency by 10 times. 

    3. Front access maintenance, toolless hot-pluggable module, and optimized wiring design improve the operational efficiency.

Technical Specifications
Rack CabinetStandard 42U Rack (1200mm×600mm×2100mm)
Balanced Node


2×3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors

32×DDR4 RDIMM/(16×RDIMM + 16×Intel® Optane™ PMem)

Up to 12×3.5-inch HDDs + 2×NVMe SSDs, 2×onboard SATA M.2 SSDs

1×OCP 3.0

Compute Node


2×3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors

32×DDR4 RDIMM/(16×RDIMM + 16×Intel® Optane™ PMem)

8×2.5-inch NVMe SSDs, 2×onboard SATA M.2 SSDs

1×OCP 3.0

PowershelfIn the middle of the cabinet or in the middle of the rack, N+N redundancy, centralized power supply
Network Module3×1U rackmount switches (1Gb or 10Gb)
Management ModuleIntegrated RMC module in the middle of the rack for monitoring power supply and node status

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