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The HF6000G5 is a medium- and high-end all-flash storage system for enterprise applications. Featuring high IOPS, low latency, and easy management, it is suitable for database, VDI, and server virtualization scenarios in finance, telecom, and manufacturing industries. In terms of performance, functions, reliability and ease of use, the HF6000G5 is an industry leader. 

Key Features
Ultra-high storage performance

By using the new all-flash software stack, it integrates a variety of all-flash optimization algorithms.

The onboard compression chip implements data deduplication and compression. A single controller is equipped with 3 data reduction engines, without taking up CPU resources. In addition, the compression throughput is increased by more than 30% and the compression cost is reduced by 50%. The data compression ratio is up to 5:1

It supports online horizontal expansion and a 24 TB cache, with up to 16 controllers.

Excellent service continuity protection

Industry-leading active-active storage architecture is used to ensure service continuity.

With the fully modular redundant architecture, its main components are free of SPOFs. It adopts gateway-free active-active solutions to guarantee service continuity and high application availability.

Intelligent O&M

Intelligent management software InView supports unified management of all IEIT storage resources.

A built-in AI algorithm model builds a machine learning model to predict the life of the storage media by collecting the running data of storage media deployed previously.

The intelligent O&M platform AIOps predicts the life expectancy of SSD media based on load pressure.

Perfect cloud interconnection capability

The cloud tiering technology supports the interconnection of various clouds, such as AWS, Azure, Alibaba Cloud, and OpenStack.

It features unique hybrid cloud storage capability, providing functions such as cloud cache, cloud disaster recovery, and cloud backup.

Technical Specifications





2 to 16

Controller Cabinet



Multi-core multi-processor

System Front I/O Slot

24 to 192

Front Port

16/32 Gbps FC port, 1/10/25/40/100 Gbps Ethernet port

Supported Storage Protocol


System Cache

512 GB to 16 TB

1 TB to 24 TB

Drive Type


Drive Quantity

2,000 to 16,000

2,400 to 19,200

Rear Port

SAS 3.0 (4 × 12 Gbps port)

Extension Cabinet


RAID Level

0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60, InRAID 5, 6

Improved Resource Efficiency

Intelligent streamlining, intelligent virtualization, intelligent data migration, intelligent online compression, intelligent tiering, intelligent volume switching, intelligent heterogeneous virtualization, intelligent file service, intelligent online deduplication,

intelligent multi-tenants

Data Protection Software

Intelligent snapshot, intelligent clone, intelligent volume backup, intelligent volume mirroring, intelligent remote replication, intelligent active-active solution, intelligent cloud tiering, intelligent encryption

Key Service Assurance

Intelligent service assurance, intelligent cache acceleration, intelligent auto cache partition

Virtualization Features

Heterogeneous virtualization: Supports over 95% of models, achieving unified management and flexible distribution, and RAID virtualization: Block-level virtualization, system data balance, rapid data reconstruction

Virtualization system: Supports mainstream virtualization technologies, including intelligent perception plug-ins, such as VAAI, VVOL, VASA, and vCenter integration