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Secure, reliable, economical and efficient data infrastructure

IEIT, as a leading storage system provider, has complete storage product portfolios and solutions. To meet customer needs in different scenarios, IEIT believes that "Storage as a platform and A community with shared future for user scenarios" and provides full-protocol, full-media, and full-lifecycle data storage devices and customized solutions to assist customers in digital transformation.

  • Excellent service continuity protection and strong storage capacity

    IEIT improves software and hardware reliability from all aspects to ensure customer service continuity. It optimizes the resource scheduling algorithms and provides the iTurbo2.0 intelligent acceleration engine to meet customers’ performance requirements for critical services.

  • Simple IT infrastructure

    A set of IT architecture supports blocks, files, objects, big data, and video services to meet the data storage service requirements of the entire data center.

  • Custom solutions based on customer scenarios

    IEIT provides cloud-based infrastructure solutions, structured data storage and disaster recovery solutions, unstructured data fusion and storage solutions, and full-lifecycle data management solutions based on specific customer scenarios.