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Computing Empowers Exploration of Human Origins

We spend our lifetime probing into the past, the lost civilizations, with which we will take firmer steps into the future.

The river of time cuts human civilization into fractures. However, the ancient DNA research is putting all the fragments together, refilling our blanks in history with molecular sciences. With Intelligence technologies, the past magnificence of human civilization is revealed.

IEIT is empowering an archeology Lab to overcome the barrier of time through increasingly advanced technology and intelligent computing. The frozen civilization DNA can thus be melt, maximizing the reproduction and succession of human civilization.

There are abundant historical information marked in the DNA of ancient animals and plants. However, its revelation requires strong computing power. IEIT AI computing platform performs alignment and splicing analysis in mega genome + small fraction. Utilization of gene samples was greatly optimized through computing, speeding the research progress of ancient DNA.

The trace into the origin of human being never stops in the field of ancient DNA research. The long time span of ancient human gene samples requires whole genome sequence alignment and high accuracy analysis. Computing enhances the parallel processing power and speed of multiple ancient DNA data, hence breaking through the research issue in the field of ancient DNA.

Ancient DNA technologies can be adopted in the study of ancient microorganism to trace ancient pandemics and its pathogen and evolution. The data base of microorganism is large, but with few known parts. In the future, the DNA of ancient microorganism will be explored with exponential growth, which requires strong computing support. IEIT adopts special algorithm software to increase the efficiency in the increasing genome data, helping ancient DNA researches to explore the unknown.