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A Determined Practitioner of ESG! IEIT SYSTEMS Joins the United Nations Global Compact

Recently, IEIT SYSTEMS made an announcement that it has joined the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). Joining UNGC not only presents a solid recognition of IEIT SYSTEMS' continuous fulfillment of social responsibilities over the years but also serves as a milestone for IEIT SYSTEMS' continuous practice of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and the realization of sustainable development goals.


UNGC is the world's largest international organization committed to advancing corporate sustainability, with more than 20,000 corporations and other stakeholder participants from nearly 170 countries. The organization is committed to contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by engaging corporations and stakeholders around the world to integrate The Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact into their strategies and operations. These principles encompass human rights, labor, environmental protection, and anti-corruption.

"As a member of the United Nations Global Compact, IEIT SYSTEMS will promote and practice the concept of sustainable development across the globe, and actively fulfill our social responsibility with practical actions as a technology company." Peng Zhen, Chairman of the board of IEIT SYSTEMS, stated that IEIT SYSTEMS will adhere to the concept that "Computing Power is the Productivity and Intelligent Computing Empowers Innovation" and continue to advance the innovation and application of computing technologies, making computing power more inclusive, society more tolerant, and life better.


Nowadays, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), represented by ESG, are becoming "must-haves" of enterprises at a faster pace as well as their "bellwether" of sustainable development. ESG is not only a corporate responsibility but also a business strategy. As a globally leading provider of IT infrastructure, IEIT SYSTEMS is committed to integrating the ESG concept into business development and daily operations. It has published CSR reports for ten consecutive years and is widely recognized for its abundant practices in fulfilling social responsibilities and promoting the sustainable development of itself and society. For this reason, IEIT SYSTEMS has been rated "AA" in the Wind ESG for three consecutive years, establishing leadership in the industry.


In terms of environment, IEIT SYSTEMS fully exerts its advantages of digital technologies and focuses on two main aspects, namely saving energy inside the company and empowering stakeholders outside. Relying on carbon-reducing technologies, IEIT SYSTEMS has developed a green and low-carbon development mode to help realize the "dual carbon" goal .

Internally, IEIT SYSTEMS integrates the concept of green and sustainable development into all aspects, including product design, production, and supply chain. For example, in the production stage, it has upgraded the original production line to make it smarter, and added smart and green capabilities to new production lines in a bid to save energy and reduce emissions. After undergoing a comprehensive intelligent renovation and upgrade, the Jinan Intelligent Manufacturing Facility has successfully integrated intelligence into the entire process, from flexible production to delivery. As a result, the delivery cycle has been reduced from the previous 18 days to just 5 to 7 days. Additionally, the workforce has been scaled down by 75%, leading to a significant decrease in the number of experiments and waste generation, effectively reducing carbon emissions. The Suzhou Green and Intelligent Manufacturing Facility, completed in 2019, now employs harmless raw materials, practices clean production, promotes waste recycling, and utilizes low-carbon energy. By promoting low-carbon manufacturing, it has implemented a series of energy-saving technological measures on the air conditioning system, cooling tower system, air compressor system, and nitrogen system to realize green production.

IEIT SYSTEMS also oversees energy conservation and carbon reduction efforts throughout the entire product lifecycle, including packaging, usage, disposal, and recycling. It prioritizes the use of renewable materials for equipment packaging and actively reduce the use of non-renewable plastics. In terms of supplier access requirements, it adds the commitment to environmental protection (pollution control, energy conservation, emission reduction, and green products). It chooses suppliers with qualifications for low-carbon environmental protection, contributing to the development of a green supply chain.

Externally, IEIT SYSTEMS actively employs green computing technology to empower the green development of the economy and society. As a major energy consumer, IEIT SYSTEMS data centers mainly apply liquid-cooling technology to save energy and reduce carbon emissions. IEIT SYSTEMS makes "All in Liquid Cooling" as a part of the development strategy to build green data centers for various industries.

As for servers, IEIT SYSTEMS realizes the full-stack liquid-cooling for general-purpose servers, high-density servers, rack-scale servers, and AI servers, reducing the power usage effectiveness (PUE) of liquid-cooling data centers to below 1.1. Additionally, IEIT SYSTEMS has established the Tianchi Liquid-Cooling Industry Base, which integrates research and development, production, testing, quality control, and delivery functions. As for solutions, IEIT SYSTEMS provides an array of solutions, including outdoor primary-loop liquid cooling sources, indoor CDUs, liquid traps, liquid cooling secondary loop, and liquid-cooling servers. Its goal is to provide users with green, and energy-saving turn-key data center solutions. Up to now, the data centers adopting IEIT SYSTEMS' liquid-cooling technology have saved 125 million kWh of electricity, which is equivalent to the consumption of 15,400 tons of standard coal and the emissions of 41,000 tons of carbon dioxide.

In addition, IEIT SYSTEMS also takes the initiative to develop liquid-cooling patents and formulate relevant standards to promote the rapid development of the liquid-cooling industry and the extensive spread of liquid-cooling technology.

In terms of society, IEIT SYSTEMS adheres to the "people-oriented" philosophy inside the company and provides employees with a comfortable working environment, a broad platform for career development, and abundant opportunities for advancement. IEIT SYSTEMS offers diversified training courses and fair promotion opportunities for all employees and satisfy the needs of employees for career development in a targeted manner by running a professional training system focusing on "operation, resources, and system". In 2022, IEIT SYSTEMS organized 450+ training sessions, covering more than 100,000 employees. 

IEIT SYSTEMS insists on empowering outside with computing to promote high-quality development of the economy and society. For example, IEIT SYSTEMS collaborated with the Dali Forestry and Grassland Bureau to develop the Smart Forest and Grassland system, utilizing intelligent computing, edge computing, and other technologies. The system can identify fires in milliseconds and send early warning, epitomizing its capability to safeguard the environment with computing power. IEIT SYSTEMS also provided computing power to help the First Hospital of Jilin University apply AI technology to medical image recognition, helping doctors complete the analysis of image data within 3 minutes and buying time for the treatment of patients. Moreover, IEIT SYSTEMS provided intensive and effective computing power support for the medical insurance information platform of Guangxi Medical Insurance Bureau to enable online services such as medical insurance admission, settlement, and trans-provincial hospitalization and payment, thereby protecting people with computing power.

In terms of corporate governance, IEIT SYSTEMS fully implements the concept of sustainable development and has established a sustainable development governance structure. The Strategy and Sustainability Committee under the Board of Directors promotes the effective implementation of ESG and ensures that ESG issues are integrated into the duties of managers at different levels so that the governance capability can be enhanced. The Strategy and Sustainability Committee consists of four specialized groups, namely the EHS, Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Committee, the Compliance and Ethics Committee, the Sustainable Procurement Committee, and the Employee Welfare Committee. Each of the groups has their own duties and is responsible for the management, implementation, and promotion of activities falling under specific issues.


Today, a consensus has been reached that digitalization promotes green and sustainable development. As the core productivity in the digital era, computing power has become the engine to impel the high-quality development of the economy and society. In the future, IEIT SYSTEMS will continue to empower high-quality economic and social development with computing power. By collaborating with the United Nations Global Compact, clients, and partners, IEIT SYSTEMS aims to create a better future for mankind.