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Nutanix Hyper-Converged Node Expansion Project with NF5280M5 for Turkish Cloud System Integrator Bulutistan

Background introduction:

Bulutistan is the fastest growing public cloud service and ICT solution provider in Turkey with thousands of employees. Its business covers more than 50 countries and regions, provides services to more than 300 large government and enterprise customers. Bulutistan is also the fastest growing company in terms of coverage and business volume in cloud services in Turkei and also the Top5 in the EMEA region. 

Due to the rapid expansed business volume and the high demand of public cloud services in manufacturing, retail, finance, government, energy and other industries, the traditional architecture of cloud platforms can not meet the ever-increasing needs in terms of scalability and flexibility. The challenge of linearity matching between scale and performance has become more obvious. At the same time, the balance of capacity, performance, stability, recoverability and manageability should be considered. Besides, Bulutistan aims to switchover the cloud platform within 3 years, so the introduction of a new architecture is imminent. 


1. Existing equipment cannot meet demand

Due to the rapid increase in business volume based on cloud platforms in recent years, the existing cloud service infrastructure of the cloud service provider cannot meet the continuous business expansion needs. What Bulutistan wants to solve is to build a pooled IT infrastructure platform that is efficient, easy to adjust, easy to manage, guarantee service quality, and can arrive Bulutistan's expectations for performance and other pooled IT infrastructure platforms.

2. Difficulties in the expansion of traditional platforms

The three-tier architecture (computing, storage, and network) of the traditional data center is stable and reliable, but its characteristics such as complicated expansion solution,  various equipment types and difficulty in management shown that it could not follow the of cloudification of data center. The current data center have problems of heavy deployment, operation and maintenance workload, complex topology structure, and the need for refined management, automated operation and maintenance. In fact, it is also the problem that traditional data centers will encounter after reaching a certain scale.

3. New solutions in urge needed

There is an urgent need for Bulutistan to find a cloud platform solution with strong scalability, high flexibility and good stability. After testing, it is found that Nutanix's software-defined storage and distributed storage construction integrates computing and storage, showing high performance, and it is the most convenient to build a system. The logically simplified architecture is an important reason why Bulutistan finally chose the IEIT Nutanix solution.

Solution introduction:

After understanding the customer’s pain points and combining with the actual business needs of the customer, IEIT and Nutanix Software upgrade the IEIT Yingxin’s flagship model NF5280M5 to a customized cloud server with a hyper-converged suite to provide customers with full-stack management analysis, flexible and unlimited expansion Integrated solution products.

The IEIT one-click database management solution supports multiple file storage services, which greatly simplifies the complexity of system management and improves operation and maintenance efficiency; the full-stack industry standard can complete infrastructure deployment within minutes, enable deployment instantaneous; hyper-converged architecture with distributed single-node management help to achieve excellent performance and recovery capabilities, and improve system stability. 

1. Realize the allocation of resources on demand and reduce procurement costs

IEIT provides solutions that can flexibly allocate computing resources across clusters and units without reconfiguring the physical network and external storage according to the business needs of different regions and scenarios. With stable and reliable flagship server hardware products, users can achieve stable performance output with the minimum resources necessary locally in the initial stage. In the follow-up production practice, users can adjust the computing and storage resources of the physical server according to actual needs, to achieve true on-demand and dynamic resource supply, and ultimately improve resource utilization. In addition, a highly scalable network interface is provided, which simplifies deployment, reduces operating costs, and decrease the need for special equipment.

2. Simplified storage virtualization solution

With software-defined storage, the technology applied to the server is be used to the storage section, and heterogeneous storage and local storage resources are abstracted to support the pooling, replication and on-demand distribution of storage logic, and combine the categorize experience of different goals of customers Industry users and daily users, with application-centric consumption and management realizing strategy-based automation to improve the level and efficiency of business automation of CSP vendors;

3. Realize unified resources management 

Realizing the computing virtualization through VMware, realizing the network virtualization through NFV,  proving intuitive and simple configuration management tools, and allocating resources with the control platform.

Customer Benefits:

The system greatly simplifies equipment types and management complexity, improves operation and maintenance efficiency, and saves about 30% of operation and maintenance costs. Building block construction, linear and rapid expansion on demand help customers greatly improve deployment efficiency, and realize the deployment time only 1/6 of the original. Integration reduces the operating cost of the enterprise, while providing the same data reliability and availability as the traditional architecture; the Nutanix public cloud platform can greatly reduce the management difficulty. IEIT Nutanix provides a complete solution for the virtualization platform, including high-availability design of storage, data security, and management of the entire platform which help Bulutistan to make the IT management easier. IEIT provide the Nutanix public cloud platform  for Bulutistan can integrate a variety of analysis technologies, combining hyper-convergence, VMware virtualization, NFV, storage, network virtualization technology, and computing virtualization technology to create a complete pooling IT foundation. The facility platform integrates current relatively mature advanced technologies, and can better serve the needs of a large number of different industries and hundreds of different business scenarios in the next 3 to 5 years.