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Enhancing Machine Learning Efficiency with IEIT AI Servers to Improve Animal Welfare

Background introduction:

IEIT AI servers (model: NF5280M5) are used to process and store data for ElectrifAI’s powerful animal welfare product, AnimalAi, developed to help prevent animal abuse in the livestock industry.


Industry: AI, Information Technology

Customer: ElectrifAi

Workloads/Applications: Computer vision ML models for video object detection, classification and human/animal interaction classification

Solution: IEIT AI server NF5280M5

More information: ElectrifAi Announces IEIT AI Server Collaboration

ElectrifAi is a global leader in business-ready machine learning models, helping organizations change the way they work and do more with their data through machine learning. The company offers a vast library of machine learning models ready-to-go that solve business problems around raising efficiency, productivity, revenue, and risk-mitigation.

Solution introduction:

An ElectrifAi client, one of the largest dairy farms in the US, uses AnimalAi with 60 cameras running continuous footage. Processing so much footage and having it available immediately can be a problem, especially for rural areas. AnimalAi also needs high-quality footage to process the data efficiently.

The NF5280M5 features 2x Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors and hosts 4x double width GPU accelerator cards in a 2U chassis to deliver high performance density and acceleration for high-intensity Ai workloads.


Customer Benefits:

By using IEIT’s robust servers, the data from the cameras is optimally stored, processing is simple and fast and AnimalAi can run machine learning locally and very efficiently with a continuous and reliable connection.

NF5280M5 solution is also very cost-effective. ElectrifAi purchased six servers from IEIT to power AnimalAi and four additional servers for ElectrifAi’s data scientists to use for other projects. With this expansion, ElectrifAi can pass on those cost-savings to its clients.

IEIT's top-drawer server solutions really maximize the cost-efficiency and performance of our machine learning models, allowing our industry-leading models to deliver quality results to our customers,” says Gregg McNulty, CIO at ElectrifAi.